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Other Work

MiXr Studios Podcast (2020)

The MiXR Studios Podcasts, powered by University of Michigan’s Center for Academic Innovation, engages the U-M campus and those with a passion for how XR (extended reality) is transforming the educational landscape. We share best practices, talk to innovators and discuss how XR can play a role in extending academic excellence, expanding public purpose and ending educational privilege. Episodes throughout Season 1 edited and mixed by Nick Froelich.

While We Were Away Podcast (2018/2019)

While We Were Away is a podcast by formerly incarcerated people, for formerly incarcerated people—and those who are preparing to transition out of incarceration. This podcast follows the stories of community members who have invited us to share in their moments of joy, sorrow, and learning upon coming home.

-All episodes edited and mixed by Nick Froelich.

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